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Quality 2 West - The fastest growing quality control service provider in China. Our western-managed business ethics, flexibility and personal approach ensure you get much more than your typical third party inspection service. Experience the 'Q2W difference' and take control of your supply chain today.

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What we can do for you -

PSI - Pre-Shipment Inspection
The Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) or Final Quality Control (FQC) is your last line of defense and the most critical of all Q2W’s inspection services. A PSI is typically undertaken when your production order is 80-100% complete with at least 80% of products being packed into their final shipping cartons.

Our quality inspectors work to internationally recognized ANSI/ASQC Z1.4/ISO 2859-1 AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) statistical sampling procedures and will verify your production lot in line with your exact requirements and predefined acceptable quality limits.
POR - Pre-Order Review
The Pre-Order Review (POR) or Pre-Production inspection (PPI) is completed after your lead supplier has been selected and approved ahead of actual order placement. It can be used as a stand-alone inspection or as an integral part of the manufacturing management process.

The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that all tooling, materials, machinery, personnel and documentation are in place for mass production to commence and critically that your supplier is 100% clear on your product specification and order requirements ahead of undertaking any production activities .
Factory Audit Services
Before placing an order with a new manufacturer it is important to ensure that the supplier has adequate production capability, machinery, staff training, on job supervision, working conditions and social accountability, management systems and in-house quality control practices and processes. Pictures from the supplier website or a glossy brochure are often a far cry from the reality of the daily workings of the factory.

Q2W Factory Audits and auditors follow international ISO 9001 and SA8000 defined standards and auditing practices to verify the legitimacy, capability, suitability and ethical standard of your selected facility for your specific manufacturing activities before you place your production order.